Sadece Nefes Al | SERCAIR

Patented unique product

SERCAIR with its software, simultaneously analyzes the value of many air sensors in the indoor and outdoor areas. It automatically switches on and supplies clean air to your room or disposes of the polluted air from your room according to the need.

Keep the risk of Corona away from your home!

Equipped with specially designed UVC Lamp, Sercair destroys all harmful viruses such as Corona virus and turns your home into a healthy living space. Easily mounted on your home window, Sercair improves your quality of life by cleaning your home from all viruses and allergens in a short time.

Long Healty Life

Thanks to its powerful fans, SERCAIR discards pollutants that are in your room. This process, which only requires 15 minutes, completely renews the air in your home. Fresh air, that is renewed throughout the day, can prevent ailments such as headaches, respiratory problems, asthma, lack of concentration and depression.

Humidity level in your childrens room is always at an ideal value

The difference of SERCAIR from other devices is that it always keeps the humidity level of the indoor area that you are in at the ideal level thanks to its dehumidifier and humidifier units that it has. Thus, your baby falls asleep comfortably.